At Chocolates à la Carte we view our mission is nothing less than sharing our passion for excellent chocolate.  We create artistic chocolate designs, with artisan chocolate techniques, that are as delicious as they are distinctive.  We strive to go beyond traditional definitions of design, quality, and taste, to create truly exceptional chocolate products.

From our Signature® chocolate line that reflects the demands of our most discerning clients for a truly remarkable product that is accessible to everyone, to our handcrafted Bella Valencia™ truffles created with the finest available ingredients for more sophisticated and adventurous palates, Chocolates à la Carte makes chocolate for everyone, everywhere, for every occasion.

While our customers include 5-star hotels, resorts, country clubs, cruise ships, airlines, premier restaurants, and even the USA world cup pastry team, we are also equipped to provide smaller, more unique, custom designs, for our corporate, wedding, and event planner clientele.  

Our creativity is unsurpassed, and with the use of our in-house mold shop and designers we rise to the challenge for any event.  From 3D designs, to full color artwork and custom molded pieces, Chocolates à la Carte is your partner for exceptional chocolate artistry that speaks not only to your desire for decadence, but your need for truly one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted elements that reflect your individual style, business, and message.  

True luxury is having your unique personality and style shine through, offering your own clients a glimpse of your sensibility, style, and personality.

Our ability to artfully translate your voice in to a vision of chocolate decadence is what truly defines our philosophy and sets us apart.  It’s about how our chocolates make you feel.  Taste, style, decadence.......Chocolates a la Carte.